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Founded in 1960 by the architect Francesco Reale, after the graduation of his son, Danilo, the studio becomes FDR associated architects

Danilo's presence in the studio was not long in making itself felt. In fact, the passion for architecture, for detail, for the research transmitted to him by his father, push Danilo to confront other professionals and other realities. In 2010 the turning point took place, and came from Milan. For Danilo, Milan is the place of reference and comparison to implement what he studied during his years as an architecture student and as a professional at his hometown of Palermo.

The speed with which ideas circulate in Milan makes the research that Danilo had already begun for some time increasingly fascinating.

Milan is the city of fashion, design, architecture, art, salons of music, painting, photography, exhibitions. And it is precisely between these meetings that in 2011, he met the art Producer Stefania Morici, owner of Stefania Morici's Arteventi. Among them a partnership is born from which the most beautiful and elegant projects ever created by Danilo will be born. Agnes Spaak's exhibition at Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan, Ballantini's painting exhibition at Palazzo Santa Elia in Palermo, the architecture project for One in Milan, the project for 5 of the 15 suites of the boutique Hotels in Piazza Duomo in Milan of the group TownHouse Seven Stars are some of the great successes of the studio in Milan. In 2016 the studio made its first debut in the international event of the Salone del Mobile outside the Salone with "Leonardo and Leonardo's Lady", a container inspired by the Vitruvian man by Leonardo Da Vinci. Also in 2016, in collaboration with Gaetano Pesci, Marco Lodola, Willow, Flos and Gobbetto resins, he designed the waiting room and the emotional path of the pediatric surgery oncology department of the San Matteo hospital in Pavia.

In 2017 he took part in the coordination for the creation of the Exoteric Gaete sculpture by Nanda Vigo to celebrate the eighty years of the Milanese architect.

In 2018, Brem presented its first "Clip" water-based heated towel rail, an inspirational heated towel rail for torsion springs.

FDR architetti today is engaged in the realization of smart projects and collaborates with other professionals in the participation of international competitions.

Suite Velasca - Milano
Leonardo - mobile contenitore
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