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Leonardo e la Dama di Leonardo
Fuori Salone del mobile | Milano 2016

Leeonardo e la Dama


depending on the size and height the mobile containers - can be customized and assume different functions becoming console, wardrobe, bookcase, bedside table, coffe table. The furnitures can also be used in a more spatial and scenic way like styling elements to reinterpret the space, becoming a divider or designing the "indoor" Skyline with its fanciful shapes and playful


Special features:

mobile containers Leonardo and la Dama di Leonardo can be modular. The body (arms and legs) are made of drawers, shelves and counters, while the head is constituted by a body ball lamp placed in a solid wood ring that makes the furniture unique and with and original design.

e la Dama di LEONARDO
Milano 2016
FDR architetti
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